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Classification & Compensation Study

Your Roadmap to Fair, Legal & Effective Structures    

Watch the path of your feet and all your ways will be established.


Have you ever been on a road trip and got lost?  The landmarks help you to know where you are but things are less clear when you try to trace exactly how you got there.  Even more importantly, without a clear roadmap, you will never be able to plot a safe and course to back home.


Many times trying to understand and explain job classifications and compensation

structures that are not up-to-date and strategic can make Human Resource and

Business Administrators feel the same way. Have you ever struggled to provide good

answers to employees, administrators or board members who ask to the following:


  • Why is one job classification paid higher or lower than another?

  • How do you expect me to evaluate employees fairly and accurately?

  • Are we in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations?

  • How does our compensation compare to other employers?

  • As the minimum wage increases, what is our strategy stay up=to-date?


Let our education HR experts be your guide as you develop the job descriptions, legal compliance, internal equity structures, competitive wage structures and strategic design that your educational system needs and your employees deserve.


Effective Classification & Compensation Studies Should Consist Of The Following



Internal Equity

Review of Current Wage Structures

Analysis of Essential Job Functions

Analysis of Required Competencies

Point Factor Internal Equity Analysis

Job Analysis

Comprehensive Planning

Employee Focus Groups

Supervisor Validations

Employee Review of Drafts

Market Analysis

Selection of Market Sources

Selection of Benchmark Jobs

Survey of Competiting Schools

Survey of Non-School Employers

Recommendations & Implementation

Development of Strategic, Sustainable Wage Structures

Placement of Job Classifications in Adjusted Wage Structures

Administrative Deliberation on Initial Recommendations

Development of Realistic, Understandable Implementation Strategies

Creation of Employee & Supervisor Communications

Training and Support

Installation of JobsPlus Software

HR Staff Software Training

Annual Job Reclassification Training

Phone and Web-based Support

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