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Leading Through Crisis


I bet you could use some GOOD NEWS!

As a way of saying thank you for the hundreds of educational systems we have been privileged to serve for more than two decades, we at EMS are providing a series of FREE leadership tips, infographics, and webinars over the next several weeks to help you identify innovative ways to avoid management pitfalls and lead your organization through these troubled times and into a brighter future.

Introducing the Discussion Series LEADING THROUGH CRISIS

As we all lead our organizations through the uncharted waters of COVID-19 the many short-term “keep the wheels on the bus” issues we face can seem overwhelming and can distract us from bigger picture views.  In this time of uncertainty, however, one thing that is certain. When we reach the “new normal” awaiting us NO ORGANIZATION WILL BE LEFT UNCHANGED

Topics to be covered will include:

 - Leadership is more than just management

 - Effective communication in times of crisis

 - Healthy teams make healthier decisions

 - Slowing down in order to finish fast

 - Looking for ways to “bend the curve”

Do you have a topic you would like to have discussed? CLICK HERE to give us your topic suggestions!

During this time of crisis, we all need to band together to assist each other as we look for ways to help our organizations survive and thrive.  Toward this end, please accept this FREE series of leadership tips.

In addition, we know that many of you are discovering new and innovative ways to lead your teams and your community and we would like to share them as well.  Please CLICK HERE submit your “leadership tricks and lessons” so that we can add them to the list of leadership topics that will be sent to educational administrators across the nation.

Thank you for all that you do to serve the students and communities to which you have been entrusted.

If there is any way that you feel Educational Management Solutions may be able to provide assistance to your organization please feel free to check out our or email me directly at

Until my next Email - keep looking for ways to lead!

Fred Corn

Chief Executive Officer

Educational Management Solutions

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