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Slowing Down To Go Fast

As promised, here is the first in our series of FREE leadership tips, infographics, and webinars designed to help you innovate and avoid management pitfalls and lead through these troubled times and into a brighter future.


Topic #1:  Slow Down to Go Fast

Racing enthusiasts understand that sometimes you need to slow down to win the race.  While this concept may seem counterintuitive, the reality is if a driver enters a corner too fast it is impossible to hold their speed through the turn.  The result of entering a turn too fast is exiting too slow, or worse, you will end up tangled in the guardrail.  As your organization enters this COVID-19 corner of unknown length and severity, it is essential that leaders take the time to slow down and ask the question “Why”.  As your planning teams tend to focus on the tactical “what” and “how” questions, many times the leader’s role is to slow things down long enough to make sure that your organization is fully prepared the long haul.  For example, I would bet that the questions “What will education look like this fall”; and, “How are we going to facilitate more online learning” have taken up the vast majority of your leadership team’s time during the past weeks. 

As your organization struggles to find the answers to these tactical questions, don’t forget to ask the question, “why”.  Why is _________ the best way to both “survive” this crisis and also meet our LONGTERM VISION?  Does this solution factor in our specific culture, strengths, and needs? Can we tweak our implementation to more fully meet the needs of our students and our community both now and in the future

Sometimes we need to slow decisions down a bit to make sure that we are moving in a direction that will enable us to exit the COVID-19 corner and enter the “new normal” at top speed.   If we don’t, our organization will not handle the turn well and will need to slow down to regroup, retool, and/or rebuild when the “new normal” arrives.


Also, Do you have a topic you would like to have added to our list?  CLICK HERE To give us your topic suggestions, tips, experiences, and/or stories!

Finally, CLICK HERE to register for a FREE web conference where you will join other Education Professionals across the nation to discuss this topic further.  During this 45 minute web conference we will learn more about this leadership concept and will give you time to share and receiveTIPS, TRAPS, and STRATEGIES, that will help you lead your organization through COVID-19 and into a successful "new normal".

Thank you for all that you do to serve the students and communities to which you have been entrusted.

If there is any way that you feel Educational Management Solutions may be able to provide assistance to your organization please feel free to check out our website: or email me directly at

Until my next Email - keep looking for ways to lead!

Fred Corn

Chief Executive Officer

Educational Management Solutions

(760) 889-9591

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