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At EMS, we know that you need more than just another consultant.  You need an experienced guide whom you can trust to walk alongside you.  You need more than just data and final reports - You need real life answers that you can truly understand and that you can utilize to improve your organization's HR practices.


You need the data and tools that will allow you to recruit, hire, and retain highly qualified employees, maintain fair, and competitive compensation structures, and ensure that legal compliance is maintained.  Let our trained and experienced school HR experts guide your educational system through the process of developing, understanding, and utilizing the foundational HR data that your organization needs to be truly successful.  


Let EMS help you be your organization's HR HERO



Our staff is made up of former educational leaders from diverse and varied educational systems across the nation. Unlike other consultants who provide theoretical recommendations learned in a book, our Project Leaders will help you develop practical solutions based on knowledge gained by leading educational systems just like yours.  

This unique and powerful combination of "real life" educational experience and "best practice" expertise ensures that you can trust EMS to guide you through the process of developing the effective Human Resource structures that allow your students and staff to truly succeed.



At EMS, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a wide range of service & software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your educational system's Human Resources department.  By using client-centered planning processes, EMS Project Managers can customize a solution that meets your organization's unique needs.  


In addition, our partnering approach allows us to understand your organization's needs and to build the collaborative relationships needed to allow our team to solve problems and create realistic implementation strategies.





The highly qualified team members at Educational Management Solutions have decades of practical education-based experience in Human Resources, Strategic Design, and Compensation System Management.  In addition, every management team member has an in-depth and real-life understanding of and experience in Process, Culture and Change management techniques.









For more than twenty years, Educational Management Solutions has partnered with hundreds of educational organizations from across the entire United States. Below is a sample that displays the various types and sizes of educational systems that our experts have worked with to develop effective services and realistic solutions.  The student population of the educational organizations that EMS works with ranges from 100 students to more than 100,000 in enrollment.


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